Ugly Sweaters are Massive Again This Year


Courtesy of Tribune News Service

You too can buy an “ugly sweater kit” complete with light-up elements, for $25 or less.

Zaria Swain, Editor in Chief

While winter brings us all into the Christmas spirit, we suddenly get the urge to wear warmer and more comfortable clothing. Why not be warm and festive at the same time, this combination is made possible through the use of ugly Christmas sweaters.

Sweaters are gifts we usually receive for grandmas and grandpas, but the tradition of wearing ugly sweaters during Christmas time is ironically joyful. Most people find it fun to get crafty and make their sweaters at home; decorating them with christmas tree lights, ornaments, fun pictures, and even full sized teddy bears. Some people who are not so artsy purchase their sweaters from websites such as These websites that are made specifically for the purchase of ugly sweaters generates millions of customers during this time of year.

At some Christmas parties, like the one’s we have at my house; there may even be an ugly sweaters contest in which a prize is awarded to the person with the most festive and creative ugly sweater. This contest has even been held annually at Indian River to get the students even more excited about the holidays.

Ugly sweaters are a worldwide tradition that you can either love or hate. Surprisingly there are a large number of people that do not enjoy this tradition, they don’t seem to find the humor in these sweaters. I happen to love the fun ugly sweaters add to the holidays. They tend to lighten things up after all the stress of frantically running around to find the perfect Christmas gifts.

In my home this is an activity that brings the family together and spices things up as we compete to earn the privilege of topping the tree on christmas eve. The crazy patterns and comedic nature of these sweaters is what makes this such a popular tradition all over the U.S.