New Year Resolutions to Improve Your Life


Courtesy of Tribune News Service

Revelers in Times Square: what changes will they make in the New Year?

Z Goodman, Staff Reporter

It is finally the year of 2016. Many people begin the New Year with New Year resolutions such as “go to the gym” or “eat healthy”but how many of these resolutions do we actually keep? According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, only about eight percent of the people who make New Year resolutions are actually successful. Here are some resolutions that you won’t having to worry about breaking any time soon.

Try to have 20 minutes of alone time everyday:

School, sports, work and whatever else life throws at us can become extremely overwhelming. Time to yourself is a necessity. This time can be spent doing anything from watching television to taking a bubble bath.

Save money

Most people either have jobs or receive an allowance. This year try to save that money. Spend wisely try to limit the amount of “As seen on TV” things you buy

Put down your phone

In this day and age phones are such a big part of our lives. Try  to detach from your phone bit.

Remove toxic people from your life

If you haven’t already done this, do some cleaning of your friend’s list. If they’re a bad friend cut them off. Do not have negative people stay in your life.

Try to make new friends

Making new friends is a great experience! Try spreading your wings talking to people outside of your regular friend circle.

Join more clubs

Clubs not only look good on resumes but they are also a great way to learn new things! Try joining more maybe you will find something that really interests you

Try to form stronger bonds with current friends

After all of the cutting off and new friend making is over with you should try forming stronger bonds with people you are already friends with

Read the news more often

A lot is going on the world right now from presidential debates to armed militia groups, it is a good idea to stay informed. Read the news, find out what is going on, form opinions. All of this is educating and can be refreshing.

Try to enjoy family time

Life can get really busy at times but it is always important to make time for your family. Try setting aside one family day where you all can just talk and relax with one another.

Learn to accept help when it is needed

We all can be a little prideful at times but it is good to understand that sometimes we all need a little help and there is nothing wrong with that.

These New Year resolutions are not only attainable but offer a little challenge. These resolutions are perfect for the average person and can have very rewarding outcomes. Happy New Year and good luck with all of your new found resolutions!