#NewYearNewMe or…nah?

Zaria Swain, Editor in Chief

Everyone strives to bring in the New Year with a brand new self. We make resolutions and create set plans and goals that we want to achieve. This idea of a new year new me is motivation that can help us all be better people.

Although some people seem to be perfectly satisfied with who they were from the previous years it is unfortunate because no one is perfect and there has to be at least one thing that can be changed within ourselves.

Change does not always have to be personal, it can be whatever you see that can be improved and potentially be beneficial, not only to yourself but also others. This can help to bring forth change in many aspects of your life and leave you feeling better about yourself and more esteemed.

For the rest of you out there who are not ready to spread the joy of the New Year, you can at least try to do one commendable act for the year. In our journalism class a majority of the staff seems to think that once people set these expectations or resolutions for themselves, they are not likely to meet them.

This does not stop the strong minded but not so strong willed people as they will pursue their new found self for a couple of days or even weeks but then slowly begin to revert back to their old habits. I have even set goals that I want to achieve to make me a better person athletically but I seem to be lacking will power which is creating a struggle for me to fulfill my new set goals.

The start of a new year is a chance for people to start thinking about things that can make them better as an individual. Everyone should start 2016 with the attitude of a new year new me!