Suicide Awareness and Prevention is More Important Than Ever

Dylan Fairooz, Staff Reporter

Imagine a world where suicide deaths  are higher than homicide.  Well guess what?  That is actually the truth of the country we live in.

CNN says that since 2007 the children’s suicide rate in ages ten to fourteen has doubled.  By comparison, teen motor vehicle accidents have decreased 58% since 1999. And the homicide rates for children have also went down.

Dr. Lisa Boesky, in comments for CNN’s coverage of the topic, says that there are differences in the reasoning behind the suicide depending on ages.

Dr. Boesky was saying that younger kids will take their lives more carelessly.  Rather than an older kid who will because of a bad breakup.

Some warning signs are depression or in younger children attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as well as irritability or isolation. Dr. Boesky says to pay attention to what your children are saying. Thing like “I wish I could go to sleep forever,” and “I wish I were dead.”

She emphasizes that saying things of that nature is not normal.

Fox News addressed the topic by questioning if social media has to do with this drastic increase. Fox explained how young people have stepped out of reality through Facebook and Twitter. When every young person sees themselves as a potential mini- reality-star, what happens when they don’t get such validation?

They use statistics such the number of likes and retweets as real meaning and conformation. This has deteriorated their self esteem and has made it harder for children overcome adversity.

Fox says that social media is the powered equivalent to heroin, a drug that takes away any feeling. Is that what social media is doing to the upcoming generations of children?

One reason why teens are so obsessed with vampires and zombies is that these shows imply that the more sex you have, with as many people, the better. This does nothing to show young people that they’re more than their bodies.

The social media aspect just adds in the decrease of communication with actual humans around you, a warped sense of admiration, and a loss of love and self respect.

The increase in young people taking their own lives has increased due to feeling like they’re not enough because they didn’t get enough likes on their Instagram post or any views on their Snapchat story.

Don’t let your loved one be next.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention runs a whole site with information on events and resources, and live help is available 24/7 by calling 1-800-273-8255.

Googling “suicide prevention” will also bring up a 24 hr. online chat service.