Opinion: Career Day Waste of Time for Many Seniors

Jasmine Davis, Staff Reporter

The IRHS Career Day that took place Friday March 24th from periods eight and nine, might have been a good resource for some but was incredibly inconvenient for others.  

By the time senior year hits most of us know what we are doing after high school. Most have jobs, steps to a career planned and even internships lined up.  Seniors go through mandatory job-shadowing at IRHS at a minimum; many have solid plans by March, only a couple months from graduation.

Even if not ALL students in all grades know their future plans, maybe it would be wise to make it mandatory for underclassmen, but optional for seniors.  Students like myself who are already in a vocational program at BOCES, which the district pays for us to attend, were initially told we had to miss a day of that program to attend Career Day here at school. [This was later changed or clarified; BOCES students did not have to attend Career Day. -Ed.]

Despite a clear opportunity to learn and ask people about these jobs, a lot of students selected things at random just to get it over with. That’s not only a waste of the schools time, but the time of a hard-working adult as well.

These people came here to give us ideas about the fields and had kids show up when a significant number of them were uninterested or showed no investment of serious thought. 

Seniors have a requirement to talk to guidance about colleges and the steps they are taking toward a future career. By this time most of us seniors have an idea of how the job we want works, what training is required to get it.

While it is true that many students have no clue what they want to do or be when they grow up, it’s not clear that the Career Day event will change that at all.  For instance, it’s clear from the buzz that some students picked the “Chef” presentation simply on the (unfounded) rumor that there might be free food.  They have about as much actual chance of becoming a chef as I have of becoming a professional ninja.

Making it Career Day an option for all those in the senior class would be a better, considering the number that are already pursuing the job they want. And if they have been here at IRHS for 4 years, they have already been to an earlier Career Day at least once. Then could do school work in a study hall during that time.

Yes the premise of talking to people in the field is a good idea, but maybe not for every single person. If you already know what you want to do and where you are going and how to get there maybe this is not for you.

Some students took the day seriously yes, but there were other kids who used this as an excuse to skip BOCES for the day and untold numbers who randomly picked careers.

With the random picking of careers, the showing of no initiative, and wasting the time of people who take their free time to help us, the day should really be optional, the same as other things like college fairs.