For a Taste of Fall in the North Country…Try These

Try one of these places

Ashley Torres, Business Manager

Fall is here! Time to put out the fall decor and explore the outdoors. The North Country has many places to shop, eat, and play during the fall season. Most places are inexpensive and sometimes even free! So, in order to enjoy the crisp fall weather, here are some great places to check out in the North Country.

There’s a recently opened shop down the road from Indian River High school. It’s called Martin’s Green House, which has a big selection, if you are looking to shop for produce, this is your best bet. Martin’s Green House is located at 32299 US-11, Philadelphia, NY 13673. It’s open Monday through Friday 8:30am to 7:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, closed on Sundays.This place is currently pumpkin paradise, from big, and smooth pumpkins to small and bumpy  pumpkins, you are sure to find the perfect pumpkin for you. Apart from pumpkins, they also sell things like peppers, grapes, and small or large plants! This reporter found that prices are inexpensive and the service there is super friendly!


The most popular place by far, just by word of mouth, is the Burrville Cider Mill. It’s located at 18176 County Rd 156, Watertown, NY 13601. It’s a Jefferson County favorite, everyone who enjoys the apple harvest comes here. Why? Because it’s the best place to get great fresh cider and delicious donuts! The Burrville Cider Mill is a great place, but get there early, lines can be long and they may run out of your favorite kind apple by the end of they day. But don’t worry! The Burrville cider mill will be restocked by the next day and once you visit, you’re sure to go back. Many visitors also like taking pictures with the Mill’s waterfall in the background.

If you love the outdoors or simply love looking at the changing colors of the leaves, you’ll love Thompson Park. Thompson park is located Watertown, on a large hill overlooking the southern end of the city, and the surrounding countryside. Not only is it a beautiful place to see in the fall, it’s also free! The park is opened to anyone and they allow dogs. They even have there own zoo. There’s a playground and a little water park for the kids to play in and you can go to events in their community center (outside). There’s also many picnic tables to enjoy your lunch with your family, and another very popular place to get great fall pictures.

Lastly, if you are looking for a little farm fun, Old McDonalds farm is your place. Old McDonalds Farm is located 14369 County Rd 145, Sackets Harbor, NY 13685. They have over 200 animals to see and pet. They also sell produce and even have their own “Cow Cafe.” You also can go on hay rides, celebrate birthdays, and/or go on a dairy tour! The farm is open during the spring, summer and fall! The ticket rates are $10 for children ages 1-15 and $12 for anyone ages 16 and up.

© NYSDED-Photo by Darren McGee
Old McDonalds Farm in Sackets Harbor

I hope you enjoy these ideas and make the best of fall! Of course there are many other things to do here but these (in my opinion) are the best things to do! So go make the best of the this season up in the North Country while time lasts!