Trump’s Proposed “Space Force”: What’s Your Opinion?


Composite image by the author.

Angelique Izquierdo, Science and Tech editor

We asked the students of Indian River High School for their opinions and input on a possible sixth branch of our military, the so-called ‘Space Force’ suggested by the president.

In case you haven’t heard what this proposed new branch is in correlation to exactly what you thought… outer space, above the atmosphere of Earth.  Trump has stated he would like to ‘immediately start the formation of this sixth branch’ and in addition to the Air Force, which already has jurisdiction over the skies above.

We asked general questions of students in lunch periods and elsewhere on campus; things like, your opinion on the Space Force, is it a waste of money, and lastly, would you join it.

Here is what our students had to say: 

Sophomore Chelsea Stone: “ I have no idea what that is.”

Senior Gavin Silberberg: “I mean it’s cool, we should definitely maybe do it, but I feel like we could also I don’t know, because I heard people say that we should put money towards exploring the ocean more you know? But I think it’s kinda of a dumb idea because we have already explored as much as we can.”

When asked if he thought the idea was a waste of money, Gavin responded with “ a little bit.” Whether or not he would join it? He said “definitely not.”

Senior Kelley Daphness: “I think that we are wasting our money, that we should be putting towards something else like funding teachers, all over the country ‘cause they keep walking out and they’re not getting paid enough. And why do we need another Space Force when we [already] have NASA is my question?”

Senior Jaylin Sands: “I think it’s a waste of money, that could be towards more important things”

When asked if Jaylin would join the “Space Force” she responded with “no.”

Junior Niko Bryant: “ Honestly I have no opinion.” When asked if he thought the space force was a waste of money he responded with “Nah, not really.” Would he join it? “No.”

To judge strictly by student reactions, it seems unlikely to ever see a future in this “Space Force” idea.  But America is the only nation to put men on the moon so far, and to some it’s important to be thinking about it, in terms of future strategy. Most of the current plans that NASA and private companies like SpaceX have for sending humans further out rely on using the moon as a “stepping stone.”

By international treaty, the moon does not belong to any one country. But control of it could very well be in our national interest.

Many adults in the media seem to think that the idea is just another way for President Trump to distract people from more important issues.