Horse Riding for Noobs: Adirondack Saddle Tours Review

Ashley Torres, Business Manager

About a month ago my family and I decided to go horseback riding in the Adirondack. My sister made reservations at the Adirondack Saddle Tours, located at Uncas Rd, Eagle Bay, NY, 13331.

It was about an hour and 45 minute drive from Watertown and $45 dollars per person for an hour ride. When we got there it wasn’t too hard to find the place, you come across the road and on the right side is an old looking house and a barn full of horses.

Before we could step into the barn, they had us signed safety contracts and made sure because I was under 18 years old, that I would wear a helmet.

Once we signed the contracts we were able to see the horses. They seemed very friendly and looked healthy. Before we started the trail, the saddle tour employees offered us gloves and hats they had got as donations from organizations, which I thought was very nice of them.

They choose our horses based on our weight, so that way the horses back wouldn’t start to hurt. There was a stepping stool between the house and the barn so it was easier to get up on the horse.

The only horse that wasn’t to friendly was the one my mom had gotten. They gave it to her because she said she had experience with horses and that she had rid one before but failed to mention that was two decades ago.

It was a muscular, light brown horse with a white and black mane. My mother kept referring to it as “skunk.”

Once mom got on Skunk, it immediately bent down head first and almost rolled over my mom. The employers/horsemen ask if she wanted a different horse, but she declined.

Throughout the trail though the horse would have a mind of its own and ended up being kicked by my horse because it was being too close and hard to handle. Every time it would run, Skunk would buck its hind legs and take off, which my mother found both hilarious and scary at the same time.

Apart from that, my horse was very nice and calm.

I do recommend going in the fall since it would be cooler and the leaves on the trees look pretty.

We ended up running a few times on the trail with our horses. Riding a galloping horse is not as easy as it seems on T.V., by the way. But, the instructor taught us how to steer and gain control of the horse if it’s going too fast or too slow.

Of course the instructor stayed with us the whole time, he’d stop a few times to make sure all of us were right behind him.

The Adirondack Saddle Tours has many packages to choose from regarding how long to ride horses. The service was friendly and they seem to really enjoy meeting people and giving them tours.

Overall I’d say I would definitely go back with my family and friends in the future.