Student Opinions on School Lunches


Luke Sandoval

School lunch…remains.. at IRHS 10/31/18

Chelsea Coss, Editor in Chief

Recently, I had overheard a conversation about how disgusting the slop they served in the cafeteria has been lately. Hearing this, I decided to further investigate the feelings of the 2018 high school students, regarding their lunches.

I interviewed some random students from various grades and here is what they said:

Jordan Underwood, Junior: “They taste bad, there’s not enough food, no nutritional value, they are expensive, choiceless, and I don’t have time to stand in a long line and still be able to eat.”

Riley Lehman, Freshman, “I don’t like them, they’re okay but could be a lot better in taste and portion size.”

Peyton Snyder, Sophomore, referring to lunches in general, was far less diplomatic: “They taste like rat poop.”

Jennifer Silsby, Senior: “I only eat like one of the meals they serve, everything else is disgusting. The cheese on Nachos Grande is diluted.”

Seth Grey, Junior: “I feel they could be more balanced, proportionally, [and] high school kids eat more than middle school kids.”

Kohl Favri, Senior: “They’re okay, but could be much better.”

These results were pretty negative. The biggest complaints were proportion sizes and how bad they taste. Many of the students at Indian River pack a lunch to steer clear of the school’s meals. Altogether, students aren’t thrilled about the choices here at the high school.