Tully’s Review: Best Chicken Tenders…or Not?

Tullys Review: Best Chicken Tenders...or Not?

Chelsea Coss, Editor in Chief

I recently had my first experience at the restaurant in Watertown called Tully’s. They claimed to have the “Best Chicken Tenders” and aimed to test that theory.

My first impression while being shown to our seats after a minimal wait, was that it was crowded. There were chairs and tables strewn about everywhere, which seemed to make it hard for waiters and waitresses to maneuver throughout the restaurant.  

We (my family and I) waited a while for the waitress to take our order and for our food, but that is to be expected at a large restaurant. The service was friendly and the atmosphere was light and fun.  I, of course, ordered the chicken tenders and waited impatiently for their arrival.

While we waited, they brought us free popcorn. Which was pretty decent, but could have been fresher. Then I saw the waitress bringing our food.

Boy, was I disappointed. They clearly breaded their chicken tenders, which would have been fine except… there was more breading than chicken. It was good breading, but I didn’t like it enough to eat more than one of the fully breaded pieces.

After I dismantled the bread off of the little bits of hidden chicken, the chicken itself was very good. It was not dry, and it was fresh and hot.

After all of this, we still decided to try dessert, I ordered what was called the “Mile High Ice Cream Pie.” It came on this huge plate, loaded with: ice cream, whipped cream, caramel, a crunchy toffee-like mystery, brownie, hot fudge, and lots more.

It was delicious, but I could only finish about 1/4th of the giant dessert. Proportion wise, each one of my family members desserts were huge and went unfinished.

Overall the meal was decent, about a 6/10. They definitely should not be claiming the best chicken tenders, maybe just the best breaded chicken bits. My personal chicken tender winner is the local Wayback Burger in Evans Mills (highly recommended). If they work on adding more chicken to their meal, and less whipped cream to their dessert, Tully’s wouldn’t be half bad.

This is a good place to take your time with a friend on a get to know each other lunch, but not where I would take a family since the wait and portion sizes are killer.