The Sad Decline of Christmas Cards and Caroling

Angelique Izquierdo, Staff Reporter

There’s a lot of loose talk about our generation “killing” various industries, but I want to start off by saying it’s no mystery technology might have something to do with the changing of  popular holiday traditions.  It could be the simplest traditions such as Christmas caroling, to what type of tree people are buying nowadays. Many studies on separate topics have shown technology and social media to be a direct factor of why people have been disengaging from all sorts of things.

When it comes to Christmas caroling a man named Richard Crossman answered a few questions about where carolers are going, and what’s been happening to them. “We’re finding that the last two weeks of November are even busier than December.” In this simple quote from Crossman, he describes what seems to be corporate industries requesting the time of the carolers earlier than usual to promote the Christmas season and more so their merchandise just as early. Instead of your run of the mill carolers around the block singing well into the month of December, carolers are more likely to be used as assistants to retail sales techniques and being paid to sing before the month of December even hits.

Although the Christmas card industry is still a huge industry, there has been a clear decline in sales over the past few years. This is no shock as a simple text message, or Facebook or Instagram post that could take seconds to compose could be sent out and acknowledged hundreds of times faster than any Christmas card. It’s also brought to attention that the generation coming is not used to writing letters, or sending paper mail in general, and are very unfamiliar with the idea of such.

In just these two traditions alone the change from let’s say the 80s, to now, is already drastic. Not to say that technology hasn’t made it easier for families to keep in touch over the holidays, even people who are grandparents have smartphones and social media. What overall effect these changes will have on people, good or bad, in their holiday celebrations, remains to be seen.