Dogs? Doggos? Doge? Puppers, Boofs and Floofs

They call them “Man’s Best Friend” for a reason


The author and his beagle-mix, Pumpkin.

Joshua York, Staff Reporter

So we all know man’s best friend AKA d. With 53% of American households owning a dog Well what if I told you dogs have the ability to lower blood pressure and relieve stress according to studies by the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  

Dogs alone can help you live a healthy lifestyle seeing how they love to exercise themselves. Because dogs are consistent when it comes to exercise this will help you stay on track as well, which can lead to more fresh air, reduced stress and lead to better sleep patterns.

Research shows that because dogs need so much time out and about that it gives you the opportunity to socialize and interact with other people which can help with being lonely. During the pandemic, having a furry pal has definitely been important to the mental health of many people.

All dog owners know there’s no better feeling than coming home after a long day at work and seeing your dog super excited to see you. Seeing your dog so happy to see you can change your mood almost instantly – there’s actually research to support this.

A big majority of service animals are dogs simply because they can sense things other animals or humans might not be able to. Service dogs can help people with a wide range of different health and mental problems from being blind to being depressed. Service dogs are also very common companions for disabled veterans.

Yes some dogs might not be as good as others when it comes to helping out and serving humans but every dog has a chance to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Even if you can’t afford a dog of your own, you could try dog sitting. With over half  of American households owning a dog it shouldn’t be too hard to find one who needs watching for the weekend. Every way can help a person mentally and physically.