Asian Pollution Partly to Blame for Worse than Usual American Winter?

Is Asia (as in China, mostly, but also India) to blame for New York’s longer, colder winter weather season?  According to NASA clouds over the Pacific form from particles such as sea salt from the oceans, and dust from the deserts. Clouds then scooped up moisture from the waters and lifted from the deserts, not just these particles but sulfur, and streams from volcanoes, and fossil fuel emissions. All these particles is what is contributing to our very long, cold winters. You can thank the snow gods for your snow days, but then you could think you want spring, skunks are emerging out of hibernation only to be found dead on the side of the road. Which does mean spring is approaching, but with the unpredictable weather of New York, you never know.

Pope Francis states the crazy winters are a result of manmade activities, like taking down forests for shopping malls, or burning fossil fuels. We are killing our planet, with chemicals we throw in the air and careless ways. What could we do protest, walk out on working at a plant. Nobody is going to change it, but we will notice change in true time.