The Real Life Pikachu


Have you ever seen a creature so adorable?  Neither had Drew Williams, who stated,”It’s cute,” or the world for that matter, until now.  Recently, Weidong Li, an alumni at the Xinjiang Institute for Ecology and Geography (now retired conservationist) has snapped a video footage and photos of the cute bunny looking thing, known as the Ili Pika.  Li had actually discovered the little guy about 30 years ago in 1983, and has rarely seen the species since.  His research started out finding research for the prevention of certain diseases and quickly turned into a search for more of the Ili Pika.  However, its been a sort of a disappointing exploration. Before these new findings, Li and his crew had conducted numerous surveys and spottings, and sadly found nothing but droppings and footprints.  But why is this?

Well for starters, the Ili Pikas tend to live in higher altitudes with colder temperatures.  Not only is it hard to find something that is less than a pound and about 7 inches, but the creature likes to burrow in crevices in the mountains as well.  The species itself is endangered.  It is prey to many animals including foxes and birds, but it is not prepared for its new enemy, the human.  Since many people are living on the bottoms of mountains, their vegetation is now gone.  We also have made their climate much warmer.  Li went on to say that during the past 30 years, the population of the Ili Pikas have shrunk 71 percent, leaving about 1,000 of these cute creatures left.  He is excited that people are learning about this new but rare species, however, it also puts them more in danger, as they can improperly explore and destroy their habitat more.

The moral of the story? We ruin everything that’s cute.