Halloween Around The World

Ashley Torres, Business Manager

Zombies, vampires, Ghouls, Oh my!


October is here, which means Halloween is just around the corner!


Believe it or not, America isn’t the only country to celebrate Halloween. Many other countries celebrate Halloween as well,but with their own twist.


Belgium celebrates Halloween by lighting candles at night to remember the dead. They are very weary of black cats crossing your path, if it enters a home, or travels on a ship as it is a sign of bad luck.


Canada’s been celebrating Halloween since the 1800’s, when Scottish and Irish immigrants arrived. They carve pumpkins, put on festivals and parties, and decorate their homes much like how America does.


In China, they have what they call ‘Teng Chieh”, which is a “Halloween” festival for the dead.

As a remembrance to past family members, the living place food and water in front of their photographs and light bonfires and lanterns in order to lighten up with paths of the spirits as they travel during Halloween.

People who worship in the Buddhist temples create paper boats called “ boat of the law”. The boats can be very large and are burned through the evening and night to remember the dead but also to keep the “pretas” away.

Pretas are the souls of those who died by drowning or a result of an accident, because of this the bodies could not be buried , and that is perceived as dangerous by the Chinese citizens. However, pretas also get a ceremony done by lighting lanterns. These ceremonies in Buddhist temples.


France had not celebrated Halloween until 1996. They heard about Halloween from foreigners and until 1982, when an American bar restaurant began in Paris, no one really knew about it.

Other American restaurant chains in France have helped spread the Halloween spirit as well.

Most costumes they wear are “scary” ones and it’s very rarely you have trick-o-treating in France. Also, because of Halloween, pumpkin farmers have had a boost of sales in France since they were originally unpopular.


As you can see, Halloween is a common celebration throughout the world!

Each country has their own meaning and spin on it, whether it be remembering the dead or just getting candy with some friends.