Candy Cane Origins

Ashley Torres, Business Manager

Have you ever wonder where the candy canes originate from?

Nowadays candy canes come in various flavors and sizes, but when did the original peppermint candy cane appear?

Well, there happens to be a story dating all the way back to 1670. In Germany, a choirmaster had originally started with plain white sugar sticks.

The purpose was to keep kids calm while the Christmas nativity service was going on.

The story also says the choirmaster made the candy cane into a “J” shape to remind the children of the shepherd who visited Jesus Christ.

But of course, that’s mostly just a tall tale. In fact, the earliest record of the candy cane doesn’t appear until 200 years later.

However, it is said a German-Swedish immigrant decorate a small blue spruce with paper ornaments and what they called back then, candy canes.

It wasn’t until the turn of the century that  the original peppermint got its signature look with the red strip and peppermint flavor.

There are many meanings behind the candy cane such as the “J” shape representing Jesus and the red strip representing the blood he shed on the cross.

Apparently, the candy maker who made the candy put the three red stripes on it, also wanted even the breaking of the candy cane to represent Jesus Christ body being broken for us.

Either way, the candy cane is a delighted treat for everyone to enjoy every year. Religious or not.