Is Fantasy Football Big Money?



Courtesy of MCTCampus

It is estimated by that over 32 million people play fantasy football in the U.S. and Canada. Fantasy football allows regular people to manage a team of professional football players against their friends’ teams.

 Many people take the game as a pastime and play only for bragging rights with their friends. However there are people that take fantasy sports a lot more seriously. They even bet real money on how they think their team will do over the season or the day.

From a little buy-in price of a couple bucks for a standard season league, to a staggering buy-in price of over five hundred dollars for a daily league. Although, according to Yahoo Finance in 2012, only 1.4 billion dollars were spent on buy-in price, whereas another 1.6 billion dollars were spent on draft kits, premium television services, online services, and magazines.

Such a big business in fact, that there is a company that actually insures your fantasy football players against injury. People that pay big money for buy-ins do not want their star players getting injured and hurting their season in return. If a buy-in was 500 dollars, you could buy insurance for 50 dollars a month; and if the player you insure gets hurt, they pay you 500 dollars.

According to Junior Glen Wheelock, “If I was betting a lot of money in a league, and insurance was cheap enough, I would get insurance on high impact players.”

 Fantasy football is a billion dollar industry just from advertisements and endorsements, so it is amazing to think how much money is spent on fantasy football outside of what is online. Many groups of fantasy football players keep the buy-in as a wager off the internet.