Varsity Girls Fall Sports: Mid Season Report


Several Varsity Warrior teams have started in August and are well under way this year


Girls Varsity Tennis (10-2)

The tennis girls have had an impressing season so far already with an exciting win over Watertown 5-0 (September 19th), with the girls being able to successfully pull off a shutout.  The girls have had only one loss in a close deciding match against Carthage with a loss of 2-3.

“It’s the best season ever, boys or girls, since I’ve been coaching,” said Coach Gorman, who has been instructing the tennis players for five years


Girls Varsity Soccer (3-6)

The girls have lost some very close games so far this year. Head Coach Duane Dusharm told us they’ve managed to stay in every game they’ve played, but were not always able to pull out the win. The girls have really been hindered by injuries this year and are hoping to finish strong once they have everyone healthy again.

“Captain Erin Hesse is doing very well, she’s scoring goals and working hard,” said Coach Dusharm when the Warrior Ink staff interviewed him.

Girls Varsity Swimming (2-4)

The girls have had a tough season so far. The Girls were able to get a nice win against Beaver River with a final score 88-82. The girls were also able to pull through a great win against South Jeff with a final score of 96-81.

Coach Baker concluded, “The girls are hoping to become the best they can be and compete for championships by the end of the year.”


Girls Cross Country (0-2)

The girls have had a pretty consistent year, so far. With a lost to South Jefferson and a lost to Sandy Creek, they are yet to get a win so far; but with only two meets down, there’s still a lot of hope for the remaining of the season.

“Shannon Guler, Hazel Diaz, Lydia Torres, and Shannon Taylor all have been having outstanding performances,” says Coach Trudeau