How is Jack Taylor still only a Division Three player?

When you hear the name Jack Taylor what do you think of? The Division Three player who scored 138 points in a single game last year?

Taylor is killing defenses so far  this year, in Grinnell college’s home opener Taylor scored 71 points and scored a 109 in their second game. In two games he has scored 180 points and is averaging 90 points a game. These stats are off the charts and unheard of. Bring me to my question, why is Taylor still playing Division Three basketball when he is playing like this? Taylor is literally scoring at will.

Taylor is only one of three players in men’s collegiate basketball(all divisions) to score 100 points in a single game. Clarence Francis, Frank Selvy and Taylor are the only three to do it. The weird thing is this has happened four times in NCAA records which means Taylor has scored over 100 twice personally.

Now I have no idea why Taylor is still playing Division Three when there are Division One players who can barely score ten points a game. Also i wanna know if NBA scouts are looking at him where it seems he can just score when he wants to like Michael Jordan. Know i’m not saying all thats important to the game is scoring but come on! Twice this kid has scored over 100 points and that doesn’t set off a light bulb? Before last year the last time a player scored 100 points was the 1953-54 season. That tells you how rare this is and for him to do it twice is nothing short of amazing.

I’ll leave with one question: why is it that he does not have any Division One schools or NBA scouts looking at him?