Prediction: Who Will Win the BCS National Championship Game?


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courtesy MCT Campus Service

There was just a slight bit of relief n Tallahassee on December 5th . Florida State University’s Quarterback Jameis Winston had no charges pressed against him in a high profile sexual assault case.

Perhaps as a result of that bit of news, Winston won the Heisman Trophy; there had been speculation by sports writers and commentators that Winston might not have had the votes to win if he’d been charged.   But the Heisman being awarded to him helped me make my prediction that Florida State will win the National Championship against Auburn.

I believe the confidence of Winston will be at an all-time high to prove on a national level that he is the nation’s top player. I have watched several of Florida State’s games, they dominate on both sides of the ball.  If you look at their schedule they have only played one close game, which they obviously ended up winning by fourteen points.

On the offensive side of the ball they have a balance attack being able to score on the ground and through the air. The Seminoles are number two in the country in scoring averaging 53 points per game (and yes that is a football score).  Their defense is a dominating one only allowing opponents to score an average of 10.7 points pre game. My belief is the is the game will be a blow out, my prediction for the final score is 48-7.

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