The IRCSD Mascot is a Proud Tradition, Not a Problem

In my opinion, Indian River strongly stands for Pride, Honor and Self Respect–some of the same principles that many Native American tribes stand for.

However, some question: should we have a mascot that symbolizes our school but is also possibly offensive? The logo or “mascot” image with the Indian headdress with feathers is a longstanding and traditional image to represent our school and it is not hurting anybody’s feelings that I know of.

Schools like ours that have passionate alumni and communities that support their mascot of choice they should be able to decide for themselves what they want. No matter what the mascot is, our “Warrior” name is meant to resemble the school’s courage, pride, and honor so there is no stereotype involved when it comes down to it.  The only image that is presented is a positive one.

There’s no way we can change our mascot now, after almost 60 years, because it’s safe to say most students and many alumni cherish our mascot! It’s sort of our identity, and changing it would destroy tradition and cost money–perhaps a lot of it!  Just in the front entrance to the High School, there is a image of the Indian in two different places, and then also on the floor of the theatre lobby.  The image is on clothes that people use to show their pride, and even on the cover of our student planners!  If we change our mascot now it would be like changing our whole identity.


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