When is the Super Bowl Not So Super?



Courtesy of MCT Campus Service.

Adam Corbo, Contributor

The 2013-2014 Super Bowl was definitely not worth watching, unless you’re a Seahawks fan. The end score was 43-8, Seahawks.

Proving the old expression that defense wins games, the #1 defense of the Seattle Seahawks completely shut down the Denver Broncos’ #1 offense. Only a single touchdown was scored by the Broncos offense which was a 14 yard pass from Peyton Manning to Demaryius Thomas. Then a two-point conversion pass to Wes Welker.

Almost half of the Seahawks’ end score was off of turnovers.Their running back, Marshawn Lynch, ran for a surprising total of 39 yards. Richard Sherman didn’t get his interception, but did get a high ankle sprain that he later aggravated in the fourth quarter.The second half started out with Percy Harvin running 87 yards on the kickoff return. Doug Baldwin, Malcolm Smith,  Marshawn Lynch,  Percy Harvin, Steven Hauschka, (and Peyton Manning) contributed to all of the Seahawks’ points.

Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the halftime show? Weird set-up, although Bruno Mars performed well, there could’ve been more RHCP. “Give it Away” is 20 years old but definitely seemed to apply to Denver.

The MVP award went to Malcolm Smith, an excellent player who returned an interception 69 yards for a touchdown.

With Manning’s poor performance to step-up to the Seattle defense, rumors have been raised about Manning being payed to lose. A little far fetched when speaking of a NFL legend who makes 20 million a year, any payment that could bribe to lose a Super Bowl would be astronomical.  Even with the billions of dollars involved in a Super Bowl, it seems unlikely that such an enormous amount could remain secret for long.  It also completely disregards the fact that Manning would do whatever it takes to shut up his brother Eli.

The Seahawks obviously came to play and definitely earned their first ever Super Bowl trophy.