When Will Kobe Retire?


Wally Skalij

Kobe, looking pained. Is it time for the star to walk away?

Marcus Keys, Better Than the Real Sports Editor

Last Wednesday breaking news came from the Lakers NBA franchise saying their 35 year old 6’6 star basketball player Kobe Bean Bryant will miss the remainder of the season, due to his Achilles injury he suffered after having only been back for six games.  Bryant had previously suffered a lateral tibial plateau fracture in his left knee in the playoffs the year before.

   There is no doubt the Lakers are struggling without him with the record of 22-43 which have them tied at last in the league with the Utah Jazz. Therefor making the playoffs for the team is very unlikely so it would make sense why the organization would like him to take a year and get fully healthy. Sounds familiar? Yeah the Chicago Bulls tried to do the same thing with their star player Derrick Rose when he tore his ACL. He came back the following year only to re-injure himself.

  Even how bad that sounds there is a bigger problem when it comes to Kobe! The man is 35 years old, how many true Kobe-dominating seasons are we likely see from him even if he comes back fully healthy this time around? There’s this thing called father time and it seems like it is catching up to Kobe.  Fans hope the Lakers realize this and are planning for the future because life without their Golden child from 1996 is sooner than later.