REAL Football is played with your FEET; UEFA Tournament Underway



Soccer star Lionel Messi will be just one of the players you can check out in the UEFA Tournament.

Marcus Keys, Talkin' REAL football, Euro-style dawg

Believe it or not, college basketball is NOT the only sport in the world. This time of the year is always like heaven for soccer fans across the globe. It is full-throttle time for the UEFA Champions League which is an annual continental club football competition organised by the Union of European Football Associations. The winning club of course gets a nice trophies and €10,500,000 euros.

This tournament is always action packed because it is filled with some of the best teams and best athletics in the world. This year is nothing short of amazing as well–the reason why is because of all the super star players pursuing the next accomplishment in their careers. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo(RMFC), Lionel Messi(BFC), Samuel Eto’o(CFC), Zlatan Ibrahimović (PSGFC), Van Persie (MUFC) and many many more star players.

As of now, the tournament has reached the quarterfinals and the match ups that are set are definitely exciting and should bring a whole lot of amazing soccer. All matches resume April 1st. The match-up that a has a lot of people’s attention is the Manchester United (an English team) versus FC Bayern, the powerhouse club out of Germany. ManU have been having some problems due their manager problems and things along that line, but that didn’t stop Van Persie in the last game of the round 16 (against Olympiacos FC) when he was able to pull off a hat trick to help his team advance. Other matches shouldn’t lack drama either, with Barcelona playing Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid vs Borussia, and Dortmund PSG vs Chelsea.

However, Chelsea is coming off an huge 6-0 win this past weekend against their very familiar Barclays premier league rival Arsenal. It seems if Chelsea is in championship form and clicking on all cylinders at this moment of their season. Barcelona is also coming off a very dramatic 4-3 win against their rivals Real Madrid. Lionel Messi becomes Clasico all-time top scorer with a hat trick in the Barcelona win. He also has 21 goals this season.
*Stay tuned to this space for an update article on tournament winners and list of players who scored goals and assists–and feel free to hype your favorite team in the comments below.*