SU’s Bumpy Season Comes to an End


MCT Campus

SU’s Tyler Ennis – courtesy MCT Campus Service.

This Syracuse University men’s college basketball season was truly a roller coaster for many New Yorkers. The team started off their season by winning their first 21 games which had them on top of the ACC conference. Syracuse had a legitimate team that seemed to have National Championship potential.

With players like CJ Fair, the standout Senior, there was a major impact for the team with a huge leadership role; their sharp spot up shooter Trevor Cooney did his part as well. However Syracuse haven’t had a Freshman star  since Carmelo Anthony (who is now an NBA All-Star and starter for the New York Knicks). Yes, Tyler Ennis was that star Freshman this year. Ennis averaged PPG 12.7 APG 5.6 and RPG 3.4 this year (‘Melo averaged 22.2 points his freshman year).

If it was making half-court game-winners, or just simply taking control of an offense that was not really that good at scoring a whole lot of points, Tyler seemed to always to be ready–statistics alone can be misleading. Syracuse was ranked 253rd in the NCAA Division I in points per game (68.2), but you can also thank their famous 2-3 zone defense that is known for slowing the game down so they can play at their own pace.

Still a whole lot of fans and sport analysts really thought Syracuse would be so much better next year if the whole roster returning starters would come back for one more year with some of the recruits coming in. Tyler wasn’t feeling that though, he quickly made his decision to enter the upcoming NBA draft less than a week after the loss to Dayton in the Round Of 32.

Ennis’ decision might be driven by the talk in the NBA of changing their draft eligibility, which would force players to wait until they had completed two years of college or were 20 years old.