Staffing Shake-up at Manchester United

Can anyone turn around this troubled club?

Marcus Keys, Sports Correspondent

The so called “Chosen One,” David Moyes has been fired from Manchester United just ten months after taking over for the retiring Sir Alex Ferguson who ran the club for 26 years. The soccer club is currently in seventh place in the Premier League which is very unfamiliar for this club because just last year they dominated the league by winning it all by eleven points. The team has also failed to qualify for the Champions League competition for the first time in 19 years.

To be fair Moyes was handed a team that was managed by one the greatest of all time in the game but still the players themselves largely aging and slow, with glaring holes in midfield and the back. Arguably David Moyes made the least of the hand he was dealt, stumbling in his management of the team. He and his staff never seemed quite comfortable at the helm of what is one of the world’s greatest clubs.

The last thing that is unsaid about all of this is, firing Moyes won’t fix United. They are still saddled with a lot of aging and substandard players and an attempt to buy their way out of this mess comes with great risk. This may prove just another low point in a difficult period for a proud team.