NBA Dream Team SG (1994-2014)

NBA Dream Team (1994-2014)

What would the “Dream Team” look like if it took place with only players from the past two decades? In order to qualify for this list you’ve must have been drafted or started your playing career between 1994 and 2014. Excluding players like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan.

1st String: Kobe Bryant

Drafted 13th overall in 1996 by the Charlotte Hornets,  Bryant was immediately traded to the Los Angeles Lakers where he has added another dynasty to the franchise in the new millenium after Magic and Kareem left in the early 90’s. Kobe is commonly said to be the only player actually comparable to Michael Jordan. Considering their relatable playing style, they play the same position, and their “killer instincts”. Kobe went straight from high school to the NBA, which has allowed him to have a longer career at a younger age compared to most players. 18 seasons so far at only 35. In those 18 years Bryant has been a 16x All-star, 4x All-star MVP, 11x All-NBA first team, MVP (2008), 2x scoring champ, 5x NBA champion, 2x Finals MVP and currently 4th all time in scoring with 31,700 points.. Kobe has guaranteed himself a spot in the Basketball Hall of Fame and to a lot of people considered a top ten player of all time.

2nd String: Allen Iverson

Drafted 1st overall in 1996 by the Philadelphia 76ers, Allen Iverson has been deemed “The Answer”. Coming out of Georgetown as the highest valued player, Iverson was guaranteed to go #1. One of the most athletic players to ever hit the hardwood, Iverson starred in football alongside basketball. As a quarterback and point guard in high school, Iverson won state titles in both sports. He was known for his quick handles, his ability to score despite his size, and his amazing speed in general. Iverson was originally listed as a PG but was switched over to SG a couple years into his career. Standing at only 6’0 and barely 165lbs, Iverson is continuously in the talk for greatest scorer of all time. Allen was the king of the crossover and made legends (Such as Michael Jordan) look silly when they tried to guard him. Iverson played kamikaze style basketball putting his body on the line to score and score a lot. Off the court issues with coaches, players, women, and family hindered Iverson in his pursuit to win a championship. But when he walked out on that floor, he was a force to be reckoned with. All 165lbs of him.  Despite never winning a championship, in 15 years Iverson was an 11x All-Star, 3x All-NBA first team, Rookie of the Year, 4x scoring champ, 3x steal leader, and MVP (2001)

3rd String: Dwyane Wade

Drafted 5th overall in 2003 by the Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade took a franchise that struggled ever since they joined the league in 1988 and gave them 3 championships in the past 8 years. It only took Wade three years in the NBA to win a ring. In the 2005-2006 season alongside Shaq, Wade was able to average 28 ppg, 5.7 rpg, and 6 apg to defeat the Dallas Mavericks and give the franchise its first championship. In 2011 Wade teamed up with Lebron and Chris Bosh in Miami and the three have turned the Heat into the leagues most publicized team. At 32 Wade has 11 seasons under his belt and has been a 10x All-star, 2x All-NBA first team, 3x All-Defensive second team, and a 3x NBA champion (Finals MVP 2006).