NYCFC Makes Big Play for MLS


Hector Gabino

Barcelona’s David Villa, just signed to NYCFC.

Marcus Keys, Senior MLS Correspondent

New York City Football Club has learned a lesson or two from their rivals in the waiting about entering the Big Apple. They addressed the primary misstep by the Red Bulls by expressing a strict desire to play within the city only. They grasped the need to make a big splash in the marketplace as soon as possible. They understand the need to sign a prominent star or two to raise awareness and spearhead the efforts on the field.

They did just that by signing David Villa! David Villa is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished soccer players and best strikers in the world. Villa, at 32 years old, isn’t at the height of his powers, but he remains an effective and potent player capable of making a significant impact in the MLS.

David Villa will follow in the footsteps of Tim Cahill, Thierry Henry and Rafa Marquez after signing with NYCFC. Another well known soccer player worldwide that is a prospect for NYCFC is Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard. With well known names from Europe, this also relieves some of the inherent responsibility to promote the club.

Most importantly, Villa’s arrival offers a determined signal of intent to show NYCFC plans to challenge the Red Bulls for star power and make a concerted impact on the New York City market.  Their path shows how quickly this new club has learned from it’s predecessor about the importance of making the statement they are ready for the MLS.