Indian River 2014 Spirit Week


Glen Wheelock

Spirit Week poster



The days have just been released and are as following:


Mis-match Monday

Twinriffic Tuesday

Character Day Wednesday

#Throwback Thursday

Blue and White Friday


In addition new activities will also be going on after school.  The banner making will still take place on Monday, but the junior/senior PowderPuff football game has been cancelled due to last years disappointing turnout. The event will be replaced with various relay races that will be open to all classes.  The relays include an egg race, boom balloon race, sack race, and three-legged race. Students are encouraged to sign up for these events outside of room 241 or 237 so that these activities are not cancelled.  Another announcement in particular to the senior class, is that prior to the pep rally on Friday the 26th, the senior barbeque will be held during lunch periods.


Homecoming, itself will be on this Saturday, Sep. 27th and will last from 8-11pm.  Tickets will be available for sale during lunch periods Wednesday-Friday for $8, as well as at the door.


As for sports, there are many that you can check out during the course of the week:


Monday: JV Boys Soccer vs. South Jefferson @ 4:30


Tuesday: JV and Varsity Girls Soccer vs. IHC @ 4:30

Varsity Girls Soccer vs. IHC @ IHC @ 6:00

Varsity Girls Swimming vs. Beaver River @ 5:00

Cross Country vs. SJ/[email protected] 4:30


Thursday:  Girls Varsity Tennis vs. IHC @ 4:00


Friday:    Boys Varsity Football v.s Whitesboro @ 7:00

Girls Varsity Tennis vs. South Jefferson @ 4:00

JV Boys Soccer vs. Carthage @ 4:30

Varsity Boys Soccer vs. Carthage @ 6:00

So get active this upcoming week!  Be a part of your school by supporting your athletics, your class, and Indian River in general by participating in spirit week.  This year there’s something for everyone, so there is no excuse to not get involved! I hope to see you all mis-matched on Monday