NFL Player With a Surprisingly Positive Message

In the aftermath of the worst five open weeks in NFL history (as far as reputation goes), it was nice to see a player sending a positive image. Indianapolis tight end  Dwayne Allen, in a press meeting Thursday, spoke up for the importance of domestic violence awareness. Allen spoke to the public with emotion for he’s experienced domestic violence firsthand, watching his mother be abused over the years by different men. “It’s very important that we all get together, and end this terrible, terrible, silent epidemic,” said Allen. He claims that its the NFL’s responsibly to be role models for the fans, who of which many are children. This common occurrence of a new domestic abuse case every week is outrageous. And when you consider the amount of money the NFL pulls in every year to play a game, they should do everything to be a model figure in the fans eye. For without the fan the NFL would be nothing. When it boils down to it, NFL players are entertainers and nothing more. So for them to create and unsightly image week after week is more than unacceptable. The NFL already dropped the ball with the Ray Rice situation and only corrected it when they were forced into a corner after a surveillance tape was released. So week after week they seem to trying to keep up and become more strict. Not only an abuse problem but also a substance abuse problem. The NFL keeps looking worse and worse left and right. Creating an image of nothing but drug using women beaters, it creates a bad name for players who do everything that is expected of them. The NFL needs to develop a zero tolerance policy that suspends players for life. Then see how many “slip ups” there will be. Hopefully Allen can be the first step in a positive direction so the National Football League can get it’s reputation back.