Fans Pick Out New Future for Dan Mullen

Dan Mullen, who is now the coach at Mississippi State, was an assistant coach for Florida during the years of 2005-2008. Florida fans have now created two websites to urge the school to hire Mullen back to take the place of Will Muschamp.

Mullen is less than pleased with the two websites because he considers such websites to be an insult to college coaches. “It’s really an insult to coaches and to players at institution. Whether they’re putting websites out to hire you or fire you or do all these different things, I don’t think that does any good for anybody,”  he said. Mullen said that when he was a coach at Florida, some fans wanted him to be fired.  Mullen states that fans have a right to their opinions, but starting websites to fire or hire a coach is taking it too far. Mississippi State moved to number 1 in The Associated Press poll this week, which makes the Bulldogs the first team in the poll’s 78 year history to go from unranked to number 1 in five weeks. The bulldogs are making remarkable steps and coaching is a large part of a successful team.

Dan Mullen states “One, both my kids are born here. I love Mississippi State. I’ve loved being here. I love the state.” Mullen made it clear in an interview that he has roots in Mississippi and is not looking to leave. Although Florida fans may have a different future picked out for Mullen, his future seems to be staying at Mississippi.