1980’s Spurs Star Faces Trial

1980’s Spurs star Alvin Robertson was hoping to see the defending champion Spurs collect their championship rings on opening night of the NBA season in person, but wasn’t able to do so due to personal issues.

After spending a decade and a half in and out of jail for a series of confrontations with women, including violating protective orders and probation, Robertson is now facing new charges.  This time the indictment is for trafficking girls under 18 for prostitution, sexual assault of a child, and sexual performance of a child on November 10th in San Antonio. Two of these charges carry a maximum punishment for 99 years each. Robertson says “I really don’t have any involvement with it. …This has really, really killed me. Just killed me.”  Robertson says.

In 2009 an issue with a 14-year-old girl from a homeless shelter resulted in [the arrest] of Leslie Roy Campbell, who plead guilty to human trafficking and agreed to testify for the state in Robertson’s trial. Campbell is expected to support the findings of a three month investigation by a task force that said Alvin helped with the girl’s introduction into prostitution.

Five years later and with all the weight put on Alvin Robertson’s shoulders through all this, he still states “I’m totally innocent. Totally.”