Warriors Finish 2014 Season with STATE CHAMPIONSHIP


The Indian River football team finished their 2014 season with a State Championship Title for the first time in school history with a 63-38 victory over Queensbury. Indian River scored the second highest total score in a championship game since 1993. The Warriors earned the first section III state football championship since 2007 when West Genesee claimed the title. Along with team celebrations, the school and the community continue to celebrate with a parade in the town of Philadelphia on Saturday, December 6th.

Throughout the championship game, Romel Washington rushed for 196 yards. Gary Ruckman received 40 yards on one completion from Densel Barnes. Densel Barnes, Connor Brown, Dustin Sharrit, Romel Washington, and kicker Tyler Iketau all contributed to the 63 point final. Barnes finished with 2 touchdowns, Brown finished with 1 touchdown, Sharrit finished with 3 touchdowns, and Washington finished with 2.

With a 13-0 season, the Warriors the boys ended the season with a total of 4,720 rushing yards, a total of 65 touchdowns, and 408 total points through the season. The top leading rushers for the Warriors were Dustin Sharrit with 1,256 yards on 193 attempts, Romel Washington with 970 yards on 80 attempts, Densel Barnes with 937 yards on 101 attempts, and Connor Brown with 929 yards on 108 attempts. Gary Ruckman and Connor Brown led the team with receiving yards, Ruckman had 609 yards throughout the season and Brown had 257 yards. Connor Brown led the Warriors this 2014 season with the most tackles having 116, following Connor is number 3 Tyler Sloley having 109 tackles throughout the season.  Lawrence Borce lead the team in sacks having 6.5 sacks. Seniors Connor Brown and Densel Barnes lead the team on interceptions both having four  throughout the season, followed by senior Gary Ruckman with 3.