Peaceful Protesting from NBA and NFL

Some NBA and NFL teams are publicly protesting against the alleged police brutality against African Americans. This problem has skyrocketed in the past few months and has caused a lot of rioting and public protests.

Two major NBA teams have been taking part by wearing shirts that say “I can’t Breathe” while warming up before games. The shirts reference the final words said by Eric Garner as an arresting officer put him in a chokehold and killed him. The two teams that have been recognized the most are Lebron James’ Clevland Cavaliers as well as Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers. One big question is that are these t-shirts against the NBA’s dress code, and will there be fines given out to the players.

The Cleveland Cavaliers game caused a lot of controversy because the Royal Family Kate Middleton and william made an appearance at the game to watch superstar Lebron James play. This is a peaceful protest which is causing a lot of controversy in America but now also maybe in England as well.

The Los Angeles Lakers are the most recent team to take part in this peaceful protest. Kobe Bryant said to the media “that’s what our nation was founded on. We have the ability to question these things, and in a peaceful fashion. And that’s what makes us a great country.”  The Lakers wore them in pre-game before their game against Sacramento Kings on Tuesday night as well as a lot them wore them on the bench.

The NFL team the St. Louis Rams has also taken part in this peaceful protest by making the “hands up gesture” as in saying their hands were up to police and to not shoot.

Ed Sheneman - Rams Hands UpCourtesy Tribune Media Service.
This illustration shows the Rams team using the hands-up gesture. Many questions have erupted since these peaceful protest have come about.