First Female Assistant Coach In the NBA

Former WNBA player Becky Hammon continues to make history as she is the first full-time, female assistant coach in the NBA. Hammon was hired this summer to work under head coach Gregg Popovich for the San Antonio Spurs.

Hammon was interviewed by ESPN’s Doris Burke and was asked why she decided to start her coaching career at the NBA level. Hammon stated, “I think, for me, it was just the best opportunity available and the best opportunity to learn under arguably the best coach in NBA history”.

Burke asked Hammon if she thought it helped that she was a fixture in San Antonio because of her history in WNBA. Hammon makes the comment that without the WNBA, she never would have had the opportunity to learn basketball at such a high level.

It is discussed throughout the interview how Hammon knows that the male players are accepting her coaching. Hammon bases this question on the fact that there must be some trust built up. The players have watched and observed her through the past months of coaching, but Hammon also had to build up a relationship after the players got to know her, which was a process.

Since Hammon is making history for women within the coaching world in such a high position, Burke asked what message she thinks being hired as the first full-time, female assistant coach sends to young girls. “The mentality is changing” she stated. “You learn to play on a team, to get along with each other, to enable each other, to make each other better, to not be threatened by one another, but that we can both be great together.” Hammon encourages young women by her encouraging words throughout the article, also by stating, “I think women are just scratching the surface of what we can accomplish.”