Remembering Stuart Scott

Since 1993 and the launch of ESPN2, Stuart Scott has become a well known reporter for the sports station throughout his many roles in his 20 plus years. Scott started out his career in Florence, S.C. as a news reporter and a weekend sports anchor between 1987-1988. Stuart Scott then moved his career to Raleigh, N.C. as a news reporter between 1988-1990. Scott then moved his career to Orlando, Fla. as a sports reporter and a sports anchor from 1990-1993. Since landing the job in 1993, Scott has had many leading roles on the  anchoring the 11 p.m. edition of SportsCenter, co- hosting the first SportsCenter to originate from DC-2 (Digital Center 2), lead host for NBA on ESPN and ABC, including the NBA Finals on ABC, anchoring the pre-game, halftime and postgame programs. Scott has interviewed many well known athletes throughout his career, including Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Sammy Sosa. Scott has also been seen on the cover MLB playoffs and NCAA Final Four in 1995, and the NBA Finals for SportsCenter since 1997.

Stuart Scott has been an inspiration for many not only because of his unique vocabulary and well known reporting, Scott has been an icon for inspiration for those battling cancer because Stuart Scott battled cancer himself. After becoming ill while covering a Steelers-Dolphins game in 2007, Scott had an emergency appendectomy which revealed a malignancy that required additional surgery to remove possibly cancerous tissue. Four years later, Scott battled cancer until early 2012 when he went into remission. Soon after Scott’s cancer reoccured in January, 2013. Scott was such an inspiration to his fans due to his public work in the fight against cancer. Stuart Scott was recognized at the 2014 ESPYS with the Jimmy V award for Perseverance.

Stuart Scott lost his battle against cancer on January 4th, 2015. Throughout his many years of covering sports and inspiring people, Scott has gained many admirers through his unique work and his strong personality. Stuart Scott has left a lifetime legacy upon ESPN and won’t be forgotten.