Who Do You Pick for the NFL Draft?

Mariota or Winston. The question we’re all going to hear about until the NFL Draft. Two Heisman quarterbacks that have proven themselves more than once in their college careers. The question is,  which one do you take?  If you’re an NFL team and it’s your turn to draft a player,  which guy do you go with to run your franchise. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Winston on one hand has shown more ability to throw the ball down field. But as a result he’s thrown far more interceptions than Mariota. Winston’s 18 compared to Mariota’s 4. Mariota this year was one of the biggest offensive weapons the NCAA has ever seen. Raking up 4454 yds passing, 42 throwing touchdowns, 770 rushing yds, and 15 rushing touchdowns. Winston was no where near as close in his statistics throwing for only 3907 yds, 25 touchdowns, and a measly 65 yds rushing with only 3 touchdowns. And as the NFL evolves over the years, a quarterback that can take off and run with the ball is becoming in higher and higher demand. Winston has never really been able to run with the ball in his short two year career at Florida State. Nevertheless NFL scouts all around believe Winston is the more “NFL Ready”. Meaning he’s more adapted to go against pro players with their speed and strength. Many fear Mariota might be a star in college football but will have troubles in the NFL. One of the biggest concerns with him is the aforementioned “down field pass”. Mariota made a living in Oregon with dump screens. Passing the ball short and having his receivers run it all the way to the end zone; stuffing his stats in the aftermath. Teams in need of a quarterback are possibly the Buccaneers, the Titans, the Jets, the Bears, and the Rams. Assuming neither of them will make out of the top ten undrafted. No matter which way teams decided to go and no matter where these two end up, more likely than not we’ll be watching these two have very successful careers over the next couple decades. Go Warriors!!