College Football: National Championship

The 2014-2015 college football season has come to an end, which means the first ever college football playoffs has come to an end as well. The college football playoffs brought excitement and upsets.

Ohio State University had to overcome adversity throughout the season, such as losing their Heisman Trophy candidate starting quarterback Braxton Miller before the season in August due to injury. They also overcame the upset loss to Virginia University the very first game of the season. During the season they lost a teammate to suicide that brought a lot of heartache to the team. In November the game before the playoffs started they lost their next Heisman Trophy candidate J.T. Barret who filled in for Braxton Miller due to an injury that ended his season. Although they had all these setbacks along the way, they fought through and won the Championship with help from their strong defense, their star running back Ezekiel Elliott, and most surprisingly their third string quarterback Cardale Jones who led them to victory and upsetted the 2014-2015 Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota and the Oregon Ducks.

Marcus Mariota led the Oregon Ducks through an outstanding season, except for the upset loss to Arizona University in the middle of the season, but that didn’t slow them down on their road to the Championship.The Oregon Ducks have never won a National Championship, and after defeating Florida State University in the Rose Bowl as well as the first round of playoffs 59-20 inched them a little closer to getting their first National Championship.

Although Marcus Mariota had a great game during the National Championship, Ezekiel Elliott and Ohio State University were just too much. Ohio State won their sixth National Championship, and the very first College Football Playoff Championship. Ezekiel Elliott had a monster game to help push Ohio State to a victory by rushing for 246 yards on 36 carries with 4 touchdowns. Cardale Jones who was third string all season came in and stepped up in the three biggest games for Ohio State threw for 242 yards and 1 touchdown. Marcus Mariota had an outstanding game despite the loss of throwing for 333 yards with 2 touchdowns and only one interception. This is Urban Meyer’s third National Championship victory with two different teams. With a lot of young talented players returning such as Ezekiel Elliott, Cardale Jones, Braxton Miller, and J.T. Barret all coming back a repeat is for sure in the sight of the team for next year