Super Bowl-mmercials

Super Bowl-mmercials

The Super Bowl is the number one watched TV event in America. But why do people watch it? The game play? The rollercoaster of emotions? The love of the game? No.  Let’s be honest, everyone whose teams didn’t make it really watches it for the commercials.  From the outrageous stunts to the risks taken, there are always ads that get talked about more than the game itself.  And with myself not being the biggest football fan (but go Warriors!) I didn’t even watch the Super Bowl this year.  However I was able to catch the majority of ads through Youtube’s Playlist entitled ‘Ad Blitz’ and the Super Bowl Commercials 2015 website (yes, they do deserve their own website).

The chase is always on to create the biggest, craziest, most viral and shocking commercial and this year was no exception.  If anything the real question is if companies went a little overboard with the stupidity.  Many looking for the perfect recipe for the shock factor just seemed to miss the mark this year and came off as disrespectful and some just plain dumb.

Carl’s Jr kicks off this list with their new all-natural burger.  I don’t mean this to come off as offensive, but with the combination of the unoriginal concept and ‘all-natural’ caked-on-makeup look the woman endorsing the product was sporting, I’ll pass.

Then came T-Mobile.  Other phone companies like Sprint were able to pull of a hilariously stupid ad that had me rolling, (although I will say I’m partial to goats) however, I guess T-Mobile didn’t receive the memo that their commercials would make people want to switch from their company instead of switch to their company.  They had two ads that were equally cringe-worthy but in different ways.  The first being too random to even comprehend and the second having none other than Kim K in it.

Lastly, Skittles.  What drugs were these writers on when they created this thing? Was it funny? …barely? And of course there is the Nationwide commercial, but I’m sure you’ve heard enough about that.

Now for some of my favorites.

Snickers came out with one of my personal favorites this year concerning the Brady Bunch.  Every year they come out with the same punchline and yet it never gets old.

Another brand that didn’t disappoint this year was Doritos.  Although they were a tad silly, these two commercials were definitely a fresh breath of air. Spoiler alert… Pig on a jetpack.

The Fiat commercial had a pretty hilarious concept.  I’ll let you see for yourself.

And speaking of car commercials, this year… car companies like Toyota, Jeep, Dodge  and Nissan all came out with inspirational clips.  Although they honestly make me want to spend time with my family at home rather than in a car.

Dove and Always also come out with some heartening commercials this year with their “Always Like a Girl” and “Real Strength” ads.

And let’s not forget about new movie previews! This year it was all about spin-offs and sequels with the releases of Ted 2, Terminator Genisys, Pitch Perfect 2, Jurassic World, and Minions coming out later this year.

And finally, my favorite Super Bowl commercial.  Surprisingly this year I’m going to have to give it to a beer company, specifically Budweiser.  I may not be old enough to drink, but since when are commercials actually about products?  As weird as it sounds, I think you will agree when you watch the video for yourself.  Talk about cute!

So overall this year there weren’t as many shocking and ROTFL funny commercials as last year but instead many companies decided to pull on the heartstrings of fans everywhere, and I can truthfully say that I was on the verge of tears during more than one ad.  I hope your Super Bowl was filled with super good food, memories and commercials!