Cavaliers Heating UP

The Cleveland Cavaliers have turned around their season, winning eleven straight games after steamrolling the Heat 113-93. In this past month The Cavs are winners of 14 out of 15 games after making some trades for shooting guard J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert. The Cavs are 33-21 this season, most of those losses coming during Lebron’s sitting out. They have  a 31-13 record when Lebron is active and playing. Also the talk of whether Kevin Love fits in or not with the team has quieted down substantially. Lebron told the media “It’s the team, we all care about the team. We all care about each other right now, at this point. We’re still growing, obviously. But it’s fun basketball when everybody feels in rhythm.” With one game left the Cavaliers are going to go into the All-Star break with a full head of steam. Lebron James and Kyrie Irving are the only players from the Cavaliers attending the All-Star game this year and all other players getting a good rest. The Cavs have theirs goals set on the Conference Finals, but they have to beat out the red hot Atlanta Hawks, Toronto raptors, and the Chicago Bulls. The Cavs are turning into a Lebron team and are finally starting to gel.