NFL Free Agent Frenzy


What an exciting week, teammates we reunited, stars signed with rival teams, veterans found news homes, and Philadelphia almost burned to the ground. Going into the week, the most talked about player was easily Ndamukong Suh. But after news broke about his 6 year 114 million dollar contract. Attention shifted to two teams, the Eagles and the Jets.


After reaching two straight AFC Conference Championship games, the Jets have fallen to the bottom of the NFL rankings. With a new coach and a new GM, the Jets were ready to make some serious moves in free agency. With plenty to spend in cap, the Jets were able to make it homecoming week in NYC.


Former All-Pro corners Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis have returned to the Big Apple to make a big splash. In addition to resigning LB David Harris, trading for QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, and getting All-Pro WR Brandon Marshall.


Giving their offensive a new makeover and reconstructing their secondary has put the Jets in playoff conversation overnight. Now it’s just a waiting game to see what they do in the draft with the 6th pick.


Chip Kelly has become the most closely scrutinized coach in the league. After dealing their star running back for yet another Oregon player, people have begun to really question his methods.


Warrior Ink sports analysis Billy Eichner says “Kelly’s game is strictly college based and doesn’t belong in the NFL. Not only his parting with Lesean McCoy, but he’s also said goodbye to Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and Nick Foles. Once the Eagles traded QB Nick Foles for injury proned Sam Bradford the city lost it’s mind.  But in the wake of everything there has been a silver lining coming as of Thursday.


Cowboys running back and NFl 2014 leading rusher, Demarco Murray has signed a contract with the Eagles. Getting the second highest valued free agent is a good start on top of their signing of top tier corner Byron MAxwell form the legion of boom. Maybe Chip actually knows what’s he’s up to.


Top League SIgnings of the Week

Ndamukong Suh Lions-Dolphins


Randall Cobb Packers-Packers


Demarco Murray Cowboys-Eagles


Darrelle Revis Patriots-Jets!


Jeremy Maclin Eagles-Chiefs


Mike Iupati 49ers-Cardinals


Byron Maxwell- Seahawks-Eagles


Julius Thomas Broncos-Jaguars


Frank Gore 49ers-Colts


Andre Johnson Texans-Colts


Rams Eagles swap Nick Foles and Sam Bradford


Bills Eagles swap Lesean McCoy and Kiko Alonso

Notable- Ryan Mathews Chargers-Eagles, Brandon Browner Patriots-Saints, Jordan Cameron Browns-Dolphins, Torrey Smith Ravens-49ers, Antonio Cromartie Cardinals-Jets