Warriors Send Torres to Indoor Track State Championship


Desireee Cunningham

Senior Lydia Torres, in a candid shot from Mrs. Rowley’s room.

“I might as well just go for it.” These are the thoughts of Lydia Torres as she prepared for her last long jump at the 2015 Indoor track meet Sectionals. This jump determined if she qualified for her first State Championship Meet in March.

“I got first place, by one inch,” and she secured her position at States.

Lydia is a senior at Indian River High School, who has been progressively moving up the ranks of Track and Field roster since the eighth grade.  Her family has a strong running background, as her father is a former track coach. Apart from indoor track, she is a year-round athlete who participates in cross-country, indoor track, and outdoor track. In these sports she competes in a wide variety of sprint races including, but not limited to, the 300m dash, and 4×100 relay. She excels despite a packed schedule and performs proficiently among her peers, all the more, she proves that she is not limited to running.

Her favorite field event is long jump. Long jump is a track event where an athlete runs down a narrow track to build up speed before jumping as far as possible into a sand pit.

Lydia started jumping after a fluke chance of luck led her wanting to discover more about the event. As fate had it, one of the only places she was able to train was at a competition.

“That’s the only time I could jump- actually jump into a sand pit instead of a sponge at school.”

In addition to learning the trade at competitions, she worked hard outside of daily practice to improve her skills. She started training for the season independently well before the official start date, she would stay after practice for an extended period of time with fellow teammates, and also workout on the weekends to bulk up in the gym. She highlights her coach, Coach Kuba, as one of her big supporters. “He said that he knew I would go to State and get first or second, but I would just have to really push for it,” said Lydia. This extra work and support lead her to become one of the two female Indian River athletes to compete in State level 2015 competition.

“I knew that there were girls from much larger schools[…] but you really don’t know how good these girls are until they actually jump,” said Lydia, reminiscing the atmosphere of the meet. “I would watch her [my competitor’s] techniques, I learned a lot from that.”

Despite her disadvantage over the rest of the field, not being able to practice the long jump during school practice, she still keeps good humor, noting about the winner of the event“ – and also she’s very muscular and I need muscles in order to jump nineteen feet.”

She hopes to go back to States and place much higher during the outdoor track season.