Ruckus at Watertown Arena Leads to Arrests

Save it for the ice

Watertown Wolves fan and two Danbury Whaler players face charges after a fight erupted off the ice following the second period of the game Monday night. The arena’s unique design allows fans and players to interact and come into contact with each other when entering or leaving the rink.

For some time now it has been seen as a major safety concern for both players and fans. Ironically, on the same night City Council discussed a major arena upgrade that would eliminate this problem. Allowing players and fans to enter and exit from two separate locations.

The incident occurred following the second period of the game when a Watertown fan shoved a Danbury player, who was not in a uniform at the time. Danbury players and fans rushed over to the fight, which started near the entrance to the ice rink.

Danbury Players Steve Brown, Luke Warner and the Watertown fan will be charged with second-degree harassment. This will be the second time the Danbury Whalers have faced legal problems at the Watertown Municipal Arena. Despite the incident, Councilwoman Teresa R. Macaluso said on March 17th that she has no intentions of backing down from her desire to cut the second floor from the ice rink project saying, “These things are going to happen, and I believe when fans interact with teams, you’re going to get these situations.”

The team’s head coach, Philip Esposito was arrested last year after pushing a woman and her 7-year old daughter to the ground following the game. He was charged with two counts of second-degree harassment and one count of endangering the welfare of a child. To add to his legal problems, he was banned from the arena until this past January.

Watertown Wolves ended up winning the game 5-2 and will advance to the league championship series against the Danville Dashers.