Gays In The NFL

As controversial topics are always circulating in tabloids and magazines somewhere, one controversial topic that could cause some divisive feelings is homosexuality. As this controversial issue continues, its truly personal beliefs. Along with this topic, some think that homosexuals, or gays,  should not be allowed to play in the NFL. Michael Sam, the former seventh-round pick for the St. Louis Rams, and a former Dallas Cowboys practice squad member, claims that whether he plays in the NFL or not, there are still gay NFL players on other teams. Michael Sam states [where? when?] “I am not the only gay person in the NFL. I’m just saying there is a lot of us. I respect the players that did reach out to me and had the courage to tell me that they were also gay, but they do not have the same courage as I do, to come out before I even played a down in the NFL.”

Although Michael Sam’s NFL career is in question for the future, he says that he will still keep those supportive players names and their sexual orientation anonymous.  Clearly Sam is not the only famous person to be gay, he has just had the courage to come out and tell the world. Although Sam has yet to play in a NFL regular-season game, and he has yet to be signed on the heels of the combine, he has left his imprint of the league, which is an important imprint. Although Sam remains to keep the names of others who have showed courage private, there is a possibility other gays will come out to show the NFL fans that Michael Sam is not the only gay man within the NFL.