NFL Discusses Rule Changes

During the NFL’s committee meetings in Phoenix this week, one of the most heavily dealt with subjects are rules change proposals from around the league.


Dozens of rule changes have been pitched, all from the ridiculous, to the complicated, to the “why haven’t we done this yet?”


As the, commonly titled “slow-footed”, NFL paces along in the offseason, the process of hearing, debating, and passing rule changes is a long one. But as of this week a handful of new rules have already been passed for the 2015 NFL season.


*A medical spotter will be present for each game. The spotter has the ability to stop the game if any “clear visual evidence” that a player may have suffered a concussion or other injury that has gone unnoticed.


*Peel back block:The rule now applies to all offensive players regardless of where they are lined up


*It is now illegal for an offensive player with and eligible receiver’s jersey number (1-49 or 80-89) to report as ineligible and line up outside of the tackle box.


*Chop block: now illegal for running backs going after defenders lined up outside of the area that was originally occupied by the tight end


*Game clock will be reviewable on the final play of a half or overtime to instant replay


*Players prohibited from pushing teammates in attempts to block punts


Several other rule change possibilities are being discussed at the moments as certainly possibilities for the 2015 season.

Arguably the extra point is one of the things owners around the league want changed the most. Being almost a guarantee, taking the time to kick the extra point field goal is considered a waste of time.

Owners have proposed and pushed for the idea of changing the rules to either a touchdown is immediately worth 7 points, or that teams line up for a two point conversion after every touchdown. Some have even suggested moving the attempt line back to the 15 to make it more challenging.