The NCAA Tournament: POV


Glen "I'm lazy" Wheelock

Connor poses with some ring.

Most of us experience the tournament at home, on our couches, ingesting something probably very bad for your health.

But every tournament game those seats are packed full of fans so obviously some of us are willing to make the drive to support our favorite teams in person.

Indian River’s very own senior, Connor Hajdasz, was one of the many people at the 2015 Sweet 16 matchup of Louisville and NC State and the Elite Eight contest against Louisville and Michigan State.

Spanning over three days and countless hours of collegiate basketball, Connor got to experience the Madness in March Madness in full throttle for the first time in his life.

The following scenes take place in the voice of Mr. Hajdasz during his interview with our Editor In Chief on 4/9/15:

Scene 1: The Parking

The parking… (enter dark music and thunder sound effects).

“The Parking was terrible. We were going to park where we parked during the championship game. But when we got there it said we needed a parking pass for the dome.”

“We ended up going to the university hospital and we had to park there. It took around 45 minutes just to park.”


Scene 2: Refreshments and Souvenirs

“After we got to the dome I bought a program. We went into the apparel store where they sold shirts and I told my mom which one I wanted, and it was $45 for one with just the four teams on it. I got another one that was for $28.”

“I went to the concession stand and I got their regular Dr.Pepper, it was like $3.50. I [also] got a regular soft pretzel and it was like $4 and a bottle of water for $5, it was ridiculous.”

In recap before we continue, the games haven’t even started yet and it’s already been a heck of an experience. Excusing parking he’s already close to $90. Considering the tickets cost the tickets cost $173 a piece, this is turning into an expensive trip.


Scene 3: Game Time

“The view wasn’t bad at all, they were pretty good seats. We were up close so we could see who everyone was.”

“The place was explosive and just the energy was different. [The tournament game] seemed to attract more people but it was hard to compare to a Syracuse game because the fans always go all out every game.” 

“What really shocked me was I could see Magic Johnson. He was on the deck below us. I just couldn’t get over the fact I was seeing Magic Johnson.”

 Michigan State defeats Louisville in overtime, advance to final four

Scene 4: Leaving the Arena

“Leaving was easy; everyone seemed to pour out at the same pace. We just waited in a little traffic and pulled onto 81 and headed home. Probably the easiest part of the night.”



“I think the tournament is worth it. If I had to pick between a Syracuse game and a tournament game I’d probably pick the tournament game. It’s totally worth the price and the commotion.”

“My favorite part of the whole NCAA tournament was getting Sports Illustrated last week and finding myself sitting in the background.”

Going to the NCAA tournament-1 v.s Not going to the NCAA tournament-0