The Madness Isn’t Over Yet

For those who miss the NCAA tournament and all the excitement it brings, there is no need to fear, the NBA playoffs are starting shortly as well as something else you may have never considered.

Wheelchair basketball, the 2015 National Tournament is starting April 16th-19th in Louisville KY.

While yes, wheelchair basketball may not be as fast and jaw dropping as traditional play, it sure doesn’t lack the intensity.

First created in the mid 1940’s by a group of VA hospitals for WWII veterans, it’s goal was, and still is, to give those with the love for the game the opportunity to compete despite their physical impairments. And after catching popularity very quickly the game has become the number sport  for those with disabilities.

The game is very similar to regular basketball, in the sense that the goal is ultimately the same. But the ball in the hoop, earn points, earn the most points at the end of regulation.

But obviously due to restrictions players can not maneuver as well in traditional basketball so  players are allowed to push their chairs in any direction twice before they have to dribble the ball off the floor again as opposed to dribbling nearly every time they move with the ball.

So with over 80 teams from different divisions there is plenty of basketball to still be enjoyed no matter the playing field. Players take their sport very seriously and are not there as some sort of gimmick or charity case, they want to win. And they’re going to do whatever it takes out on that court to get it done.

So if you’ve got that never ending thirst for the game, make sure you check it out.