Hockey Terminology & Stats 101

A crash course – or at least a hip check?

 In hockey, keeping a players stats throughout the season and his career is one of the best ways to see what type of player he is. They keep stats like goals scored, assists, game winning goals, and shooting percentage. These statistics are critical to have to show what type of player they are, and show the coach or manager if they are what they need on their team. It shows if they are good goal scorer or if they just simply are a defensive player, and mainly come in to play defense during close games.

One of the most important player stats is shooting percentage. Shooting percentage is calculated by dividing goals by shots on goal. Shots on goal means, a shot that directs the puck towards the goal that either is a goal or is saved by the goalkeeper.  How do they determine whose goal it is if it is deflected into the net? If an attacking player takes a slapshot and is deflected by a teammate into the net it is the person who deflected it goal.The player that took the slapshot would be credited with an assist. So at the end of the play it would no longer be considered a shot on goal by the player taking the slapshot. It would then turn into a shot by the player deflecting it and it would affect their shooting percentage.