Baseball Fans Shut Out of Orioles Game


Courtesy Tribune News Service

Baltimore Orioles ball girl Emily Potere has no fans to give foul balls to during the team’s game against the Chicago White Sox game on Wednesday, April 29, 2015, at Camden Yards in Baltimore. The game was closed to the public due to unrest in the city this week. (Kenneth K. Lam/Baltimore Sun/TNS)

On April 29th the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox played in some unusual conditions. They played in an almost empty stadium, due to the riots and the uneasiness in the city. The ball park was closed to the public, so the only people there were the members of each team, some media, and the people that work at the ballpark.

The recorded attendance was zero, not a single person was sitting in the crowd. The game had a completely different feeling to it, everything the players said could be heard, EVERYTHING.

The sound of the ball hitting the bat echoed off of all the empty seats making an amazing sound.  The players that were in the bullpen could hear all the conversations that the outfielders were having with each other which is something very new.

The players said that it was like coming out for batting practice before the game.  Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph tried to make it seem like a normal game as much as he could by pretending to sign autographs and interact with the crowd.

“It’s weird, man,” said the White Sox’s Micah Johnson to reporters. “I can’t even compare it to anything but it was definitely weird. It’s quiet, there’s nothing going on. You hear everything. Obviously it was better for the Orioles than us today. The atmosphere, it’s not how baseball is supposed to be played.”

The O’s went on to win the bizarre game 8-2.