Griner vs. Johnson, or Griner + Johnson?


Original photos courtesy of Tribune News Service

Composite image by Anderson Graphics.

As many domestic violence cases often end up bad, with jail time involved, one case actually brought a couple closer. WNBA stars Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner, fiancee’s at the time, battled at their house one night to the point where the cops were called. Unlike usual fights, the two women hugged each other after their fight, and came to the realization that the cops were coming.

The two women each had marks left on them when police arrived.  Griner was pushed in the shoulder by Johnson and responded by pushing Johnson in the back of the neck. Both women were left with scratches, and Johnson with a concussion. Both women were arrested, which surprised Johnson. The Tulsa Shock forward stated “The police state they have no idea who was the victim.”

Both Johnson and Griner were suspended for seven games each, with no pay. Johnson is appealing her suspension. Griner was WNBA Defensive player of the year, and helped the Mercury win the WNBA title last season. Johnson remains a two-time all star for the Shock. Griner will be out until Phoenix’s game against Minnesota on June 27th. If Johnson’s suspension remains she will be back June 26th against New York.

Although both women are taking a hit for this fight, the women say the fight didn’t affect much. Johnson said “If anything, it brought us a little closer.” Most cases like this don’t end up as well as this case did. A few  weeks after their fight, the two women proceeded with their wedding and said that feelings never changed between them. Although Johnson stated it was one of her toughest months she’d ever experienced, she never reconsidered marrying Griner.